Delivered to NASA the NIRSpec instrument for the next space telescope



NIRSpec, one of the scientific instruments of JWST, has been delivered by ESA (the European Space Agency) to NASA. This instrument has had Spanish participation in the construction and with Santiago Arribas, scientist of the Center of Astrobiology, in his scientific team.

During the morning of today, in the headquarters of Astrium GmbH, in Ottobrunn near Munich (Germany), and organized by Astrium and & nbsp; ESA, the official delivery ceremony by ESA of the Near-Infrared Spectrograph instrument (NIRSpec) that will be part of the instrumental equipment of the James Webb Space took place.
Telescope (JWST).

NIRSpec is one of the four instruments of the JWST and the second European of the mission provided by ESA, after the delivery last year of the Mid-Infrared camera and spectrograph (MIRI).

With NIRSpec, scientists will be able to tackle a large number of astrophysical questions, from knowing how distant galaxies form and evolve to studying the characteristics of exoplanets and their atmospheres. In NIRSpec the Spanish industry has had an important participation. The Spanish companies CRISA,
CASA and IberEspacio have been part of the team that has carried out the design and manufacture of the instrument. It is a good example of the potential of Spanish industry in leading scientific projects such as space missions.

In addition, Santiago Arribas, researcher at the Center for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA), is part of the Scientific Team of the instrument.

James Webb Space Telescope is a collaboration between ESA, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency and is considered a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. JWST will allow us to investigate the origins of the Universe by observing in the infrared the first stars and galaxies that were formed and studying in detail how stars and planets are formed.


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Fecha: 2013-09-06


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