ESA selects the mission PLATO


The PLATO mission, with the aim of looking for exoplanets, has been selected by ESA for its Cosmic Vision 2015-25 program. The researchers at the Astrobiology Center participate in the PLATO mission.

A space observatory to search for planets orbiting other stars has been the ESA's third middle-class scientific mission. Its launch is scheduled for 2024.

The PLATO mission (Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars, Planetary Transits and Star Oscillations) was selected by the Scientific Program Committee of ESA for implementation as part of its Cosmic Vision Program 2015-25.

The mission will address two key themes of the program: what are the conditions for the formation of the planets and the emergence of life, and how does the Solar System work?
PLATO will monitor relatively nearby stars in search of small periodic decreases in brightness as the transit of their planets.


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2014-02-20


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