Contemplation of the Zumaya K-T limit at the XII International School of Astrobiology


The geological remains allow dating relevant events for Astrobiology. The K-T limit is one of the best evidences of a change in the habitability conditions of the Earth some 65 million years ago. The students of the XII International School of Astrobiology have had the opportunity to contemplate this fossil record.

As every year, the School organizes for the attendees a
excursion with clear astrobiological content. This year's excursion
It has been to Zumaya to see the flysch and the K-T limit in all its splendor with
the intention to make a geological tour guided by the surroundings
of the area. The K-T limit is a geological record that indicates the
transition between two periods (Cretaceous and Tertiary, about 65
millions of years) marked by one of the great mass extinctions
occurred on Earth. This limit coincides temporarily with the
impact of a huge meteorite about 10 km in diameter that formed the
impact crater Chicxulub, in Yucatan (Mexico). Zumaya is one of
the privileged places on the planet where you can clearly see
This limit.

The students of the School, accompanied by the lecturers and guided at all times by their explanations, have been able to study this area of ​​the Cantabrian coast where the geological structures known as flysch and the KT limit.

The flysch are a set of rock layers of sedimentary origin with alternation of hard and soft layers which allows erosion to be differential and fossil remains can emerge more easily. The term comes from the German and refers to sliding.


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2014-06-26


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