Open Doors Day at the CAB on 07-11-2014


Nearly thirty people have visited the Center for Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA) during the Open House Day within the Science Week.

As part of the activities that the CAB has programmed within the Science Week, the Open Doors Days, which will take place on Friday, November 7 and 14, fulfill the function of showing the general public what the Center is like, how it works in it and what are the particularities of Astrobiology, that young and multidisciplinary science that aims to understand the phenomenon of life in the Universe.

In the Day of November 7 they visited the CAB about 30 people who have received explanations from the center's scientists and have made a didactic tour of their laboratories.


Unidad de Cultura Científica of the CAB: Luis Cuesta


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2014-11-07


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