Awarded in the Science in Action contest, they visit the CAB on 27-11-2014


Students of the CEIP Salvador de Madariaga of Daganzo (Madrid) visited the Center of Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA).

"Comets, the vagabonds of the space "is the title of the work that the students Marina Fernández Codeseda, Gabriel Martínez García and Hugo Sufuentes Arija, of CEIP Salvador de Madariaga of Daganzo, Madrid, together with Professor M. Dolores Fernández Monistrol, presented to the section" Investigate in Astronomy "of the Science in Action program. In the final phase, held at CosmoCaixa Barcelona from October 3 to 5, 2014, he won the first award ex aequo with the College Devesa Elche, Alicante, which, apart from other prizes, consite in the invitation to visit a center of the CSIC.

The students chose to visit the CAB and they were not disappointed. For more than two hours they interacted with the Center's scientists, entered the laboratories to learn about Astrobiology and saw the instruments with which the CAB researchers work.


Scientific Culture Unit of the CAB: Luis Cuesta


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2014-11-27


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