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The Center for Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA), sponsored by EUROPLANET RI, launches the educational project "Meteorology of Mars in Schools" with the aim of familiarizing students with the collection of environmental data and relate them to meteorology on Mars. In this way, they are helped to understand how meteorological variables evolve daily and seasonally and how they are taken into account to make a weather forecast. The main protagonist of this educational project, in addition to the students themselves, is the REMS environmental station, designed in the CAB, which travels aboard NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission to Mars where it will arrive on August 6. There will begin to take data from the Martian environment for two years that will be essential to assess if conditions on Mars are suitable for life.

The project is aimed at ESO students (ages 12 to 16) of any educational center in Spain. Each participating center will receive a weather station to take their measurements. The work will be carried out by teams of two to five students and a teacher-tutor during the school year 2012-13.

Schools interested in participating may request their weather station to the CAB. For this you will have to send an email to before October 1, 2012, showing your interest in participating in the project and briefly explaining the characteristics of the center as well as the geographical location and the surroundings. Given that there is a limited number of available weather stations (50), their delivery will be decided so that all the regions of Spain and all the possible geographical-environmental environments (coast, interior, mountain, plain, etc.) are covered homogeneously. The centers that finally can not access one of the meteorological stations provided by the CAB can also participate in the project by acquiring their own station.

Participation in the project will consist in the daily taking of data from the station which will be incorporated into a centralized database in the CAB, with access to the daily data of REMS. At the end of the school year the team will present a report together with a descriptive video of the activities carried out. During the month of June 2013, the works will be evaluated and a winner will be chosen among them, taking into account the scientific rigor of the work, the involvement of the team in the project and the originality. At the end of June, an award ceremony will be organized for all the participating centers and the winning team will be announced, who will be able to participate in one day of operations at the REMS Control Center in the CAB.


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