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The book "Origins: the universe, life, humans", a work written by the cosmologist Alberto Fernández Soto, the biochemist Carlos Briones and the paleoanthropologist, has just been published in the Drakontos collection of the Crítica publishing house. José María Bermúdez de Castro.

It shows the scientific approach to three of the most relevant questions in current research: the origin of the universe, the emergence of life and the appearance of our species. Following a clearly transdisciplinary approach, each of the three central sections of the book has been written by an author, while the Introduction and the Epilogue have been developed together.

The three origins treated in the work were points of fundamental inflection and innovation in the physical-chemical-biological trajectory that, during 13,800 million years, has led from the Big Bang to the current biodiversity, including our species: the only one capable of wondering about its origin and its place in the universe . The work has been coordinated by Carlos Briones, Senior Scientist of the CSIC and researcher of the Department of Molecular Evolution of the Center for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA), who in the second section of the book analyzes the fundamental events involved in the origin and evolution of the life from the chemistry existing in the primitive Earth.

All the work is completely updated and is very rigorous from the scientific point of view, but it has been written in a way that is accessible and can satisfy curiosity both researchers and students and the general public. The book has been prefaced by the prestigious researcher Ricard Solé, ICREA Research Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. In addition, it has numerous illustrations by Eduardo Saiz, prepared specifically for this work. With all this, "Origins: the universe, life, humans" offers some answers - while leaving many doubts and uncertainties raised - around questions of great interest in astrobiology: is life a consequence of evolution of the universe ?, where do we come from ?, are we the result of chance or necessity ?, can there be living beings in other parts of the cosmos?

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Publication: " Origins: the universe, life, humans ", Carlos Briones, Alberto Fernández Soto and José María Bermúdez de Castro. Editorial Review - Drakontos Collection, Barcelona, ​​2015. ISBN: 978-84-9892-862-4.


Carlos Briones , Centro de Astrobiología

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