First edition of the CAB Student Talks



On March 17, the first edition of the CAB Student Talks concluded, during which, for four weeks, some of the students of the Astrobiology Center They have talked about the investigations they are carrying out. The Commission of Seminars of the CAB has been in charge of the organization of the event, having like main objective the one that the students can practice the exhibition of their investigations before a great hearing, which prepares them for their future attendance to congresses. In addition, these talks have tried to encourage interaction between students and other researchers at the center, which both can benefit greatly.

The CAB Student Talks have had the participation of a total of six students: Juan Jose Urbano-Mayorgas , Joana Lima , José Jordán , Alba San Jose , Margot Roig and Diego de la Fuente . These talks have revealed the wide variety of research lines in the center, for example, some students have explained the experiments they are doing in the CAB related to the study of different elements that play a key role in the possible existence of life in other parts of the Solar System.

The conferences have also addressed topics such as the chemistry of hydrogen cyanide and its response to radiation, the study of low biomass environments analogous to Mars, the role of serpentinization in icy moons and the geochemistry of Europa, Jupiter's moon, through the study of clathrates. Other talks have addressed astrophysical systems such as galaxies with black holes and massive star clusters observed with some of the largest and most powerful telescopes in the world.

The variety of themes of the seminars has been accompanied, however, by a common component: the enthusiasm with which the students talk about their work. All have shown great interest in participating in the conference and have prepared their talks with dedication and commitment. The result seen in his papers shows that, despite the difficulties always associated with research, they are doing a great job.

From the Seminar Commission We are very satisfied with both the involvement of students and with the rest of the school's classmates attending the talks. After these first days, there are already several students who, motivated by the work of their colleagues, have offered to participate in future editions of the CAB Student Talks , which will undoubtedly be. p>


Fuente: Miriam García García y Bruno Rodríguez del Pino. Miembros de la Comisión de Seminarios del CAB

Fecha: 2016-03-28


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