RiboRed 2016, VII Meeting of the Spanish RNA Thematic Network


During the next few days June 2 and 3 the VII Meeting of the Spanish RNA Thematic Network will be held, RiboRed 2016 . The biennial meetings of the RiboRed have been held since 2004 and this year's is organized by the researchers of the Center for Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA) Carlos Briones Llorente and Miguel Moreno Molina , next to those of Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRYCIS) Víctor M. González Muñoz and Mª Elena Martín Palma . The meeting will take place at the " La Cristalera residence in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid). p>

The RiboRed It currently includes 40 research groups and three companies , dedicated to studying different aspects in which nucleic acids, mainly RNA, are protagonists. Some groups are especially interested in the structure that RNA adopts and in the functional implications that are derived from it. Others focus their efforts on knowing the role that RNA plays in the regulation of the flow of genetic information or of different metabolic processes. In parallel, several groups investigate aspects related to the molecular biology of replicative entities ( RNA and viroid viruses ) that have RNA as a genetic material. In addition, others have been interested in biotechnological and biomedical use (diagnostic or therapeutic) of RNA and DNA molecules.

The VII Meeting of the RiboRed will begin with an inaugural lecture given by Prof. Juan Ortín , of the National Center of Biotechnology of the CSIC, which puts an end to his brilliant research career of more than 40 years. Next, four thematic sessions will be held, with a total of 25 oral communications, as well as a poster session .

The meeting is sponsored by the company Aptus Biotech , dedicated to the development of RNA aptamers and DNA for various biotechnological applications.


Fuente: Carlos Briones Llorente. Responsable del grupo de investigación del CAB de Evolución Molecular, Mundo RNA y Biosensores y co-organizador de RiboRed 2016

Fecha: 2016-05-31


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