Scientists of the CAB participate in the organization of the 2nd World Forum on Sustainability


Research on sustainability and sustainable development is progressing rapidly and requires the multidisciplinary interaction of diverse institutions and organizations around the world. In this context, the electronic conference and congress forum provides a platform for the exchange of the latest findings and results on this subject by organizing its second edition of the World Sustainability Forum. This international congress is completely free, it is sponsored by MDPI and the magazine "Sustainability". In the last call it was attended by some 300 speakers.

The address of the 2nd World Sustainability Forum (2nd World Sustainability Forum) is given by Marc A. Rosen, Professor from the prestigious Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the University of Ontario (Canada). & nbsp;
Jesús Martínez Frías, Head of the Department of Planetology and Habitability of the CAB and founder and director of RedIris Land Network participates again in this second edition of the WSF as a Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Editorial Board of the international magazine, coordinating one of the Sessions. & nbsp;


Fuente: UCC CAB

Fecha: 2012-09-25


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