In search of biomolecules that help us understand the origin of life


Figure: Image of an intense thunderstorm next to a volcanic eruption. © Francisco Negroni
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A recent study by researchers from the Center for Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA) shows that the detection of biomolecules important for life increases when simulated Particular local planetary conditions, such as electrical storms produced on volcanic gas cloud clouds near water accumulations, such as lakes, rivers or seas.
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< div style = "text-align: justify;"> Starting from the premise that life should have arisen from inorganic sources of carbon, to understand the origin of life on Earth and its possible detection in other environments of the Solar System it is essential to know the possible conditions p lanetarias of formation of organic compounds from inorganic precursors.

Air-water interfaces, present in the generation of aqueous aerosols (very small particles of liquid water that remain suspended in the air), are highly effective in improving the diversity and performance of polar organic molecules synthesized under possible prebiotic conditions. & nbsp; < / div>

Now, thanks to a study carried out by researchers from the Center for Astrobiology ( CSIC-INTA) that has recently been published in Scientific Reports , has been experimentally demonstrated "the uniqueness of alkaline aerosols as prebiotic reactors to produce an undifferentiated accumulation of a large variety of biomolecules resulting from high-level processes. energy (in this case, electrical discharges cas), "says Marta Ruiz Bermejo, CAB researcher and study leader.

The experiments carried out by the scientific team have made it possible to identify in the analyzes a great variety of amino acids, carboxylic acids, N-heterocycles and keto acids, some of them present in proteins and nucleic acids, as is the case with others that could play a fundamental role in the generation of primitive biochemistry. Thus, says Ruiz Bermejo, "these environmental conditions could occur both on the primitive Earth and on primitive Mars." & Nbsp;


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2019-03-01


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