Simulation of planetary environments and interstellar environment in the laboratory


Image: Laboratory for the Simulation of Interstellar and Planetary Environments of the Center for Astrobiology. © UCC-CAB

The Centro de Astrobiología (CAB, CSIC-INTA) has unique simulation chambers that allow to characterize the interstellar environment, planetary surfaces and deep environments of different planetary elements.

To characterize the potentially habitable environments of our solar system and beyond is a priority goal in the exploration programs of the main national space agencies around the world. The specific investigations and harsh conditions of such environments are challenging for astrobiology missions, which have to deal with technical and economic issues.

Laboratory simulations are one of the most feasible research options to make advances both in several astrobiologically interesting environments and in developing a consistent description of the origin of life.

With this objective in mind, we applied vacuum and high pressure technology to design versatile simulation chambers devoted to the simulation of the interestellar medium, planetary atmospheres conditions and high-pressure environments.

In this article, we will present experimental simulations devoted to mimic the processes of astrobiological interest that take place in inter-and circumstellar icy dust grains, the interior of icy moons of the solar system and the surface of planets like Mars. The chambers that the CAB has are: ISAC (InterStellar
Astrochemistry Chamber), PASC (Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces Chamber) and
HPPECs (High-Pressure Planetary Environment Chamber).

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Fecha: 2019-09-10


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