César Menor Save winner of the 4th Edition of the "Salvador Senent" award



The Group of Didactics and History of Physics and Chemistry of
The Spanish Royal Societies of Physics and Chemistry called the 4th at the end of 2012
Edition of the "SALVADOR SENENT" award, sponsored by the Forum of
Spanish Nuclear Industry, consisting of € 800 and a diploma
accredited. To this award could be presented any specialized scientific work, from
review or informative nature, that was related to the
Didactics or with the History of Physics or Chemistry, assessing
rigor and originality.
Meeting the jury on May 30, 2013, after assessing the 9 works admitted to the contest and adding the scores, decided to award the award for the work: "The Chemistry of the origin of life" whose author is César Menor Salván, from the Astrobiology Center (CSIC-INTA).


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2013-06-04


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